Ciudad real lagunas de ruidera

Ciudad real lagunas de ruidera

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Winter arrives to Lagunas de Ruidera. In these days of December and January the days get shorter and the temperatures drop below zero degrees in these lands of Campo de Montiel. The scarce … counts on the maximum security measures to guarantee the confidentiality of the communications between the web and the client. The transactional services work on a secure server using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, which is activated once you enter the reservation system of Cladium Asociados SL. The secure server establishes a connection so that the information is transmitted encrypted using 128-bit algorithms, which ensure that it is only intelligible to the client’s computer and the page; in this way, by using the SSL protocol is guaranteed:


Summer is the ideal time to enjoy the many water activities or for nature lovers. Our landscapes take on the images of those who observe them, taste them, feel them or feel them. Those who absorb the energies given off by the environment in the form of light, color, texture or life in short, are the eyes and hearts of those who love nature and move through it as their natural habitat. Nature may seem to be a good within the reach of anyone, although one is not always imbued with enough sensitivity to know how to appreciate the detail that will turn that vision into a surprise or an indelible and evocative memory of a magical moment.

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The climate of the area is of the Mediterranean type, characterized by strong thermal oscillations, a maximum of 43º C and a minimum of -13º C, and an average annual temperature close to 14º C, with the warmest month being July and the coldest month being January. Total rainfall is modest, around 400 mm per year. Rainfall is concentrated in spring and winter, although the rainfall is very irregular.

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El Parque Natural de las Lagunas de Ruidera constituye, junto con Plividje en Croacia, la mejor representación de lagunas formadas por acumulación de carbonato cálcico. Las aguas caídas en el campo de Montiel se filtran a través del acuífero 24 que tiene su alivio natural en esta zona, dando lugar al nacimiento del Guadiana Alto o río Pinilla. Esta agua, extraordinariamente rica en carbonatos, a lo largo de miles de años de precipitaciones, ha formado impresionantes barreras (presas naturales) que dan lugar a espectaculares saltos de agua entre una laguna y otra.

Este espacio natural protegido se encuentra entre las provincias de Albacete y Ciudad Real y está constituido por las siguientes lagunas Laguna Blanca, Laguna de la Conceja, Laguna de la Tomilla, Laguna de la Tinaja, Laguna de San Pedro, Laguna de la Redondilla, Laguna de la Lengua, Laguna de la Salvadora, Laguna de los Santos Morcillo, Laguna de la Batana , Laguna de la Colgada, Laguna del Rey, Laguna de la Cueva Morenilla, Laguna de la Coladilla y Laguna del Cenagosa.

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El paisaje vegetal del parque es muy diverso, desde formaciones boscosas autóctonas hasta vegetación palustre. Las laderas y las zonas más altas están ocupadas por encinas, carrascas, sabinas y enebros comunes. El encinar es sustituido por un matorral denso formado por carrascas, labiadas y retamas en las zonas más abiertas.

Ciudad real lagunas de ruidera del momento

No matter how much you have been told, the impression of finding this orchard of elms, white poplars, oaks, holm oaks, oaks, junipers, poplars, walnut trees and dense broom, like sentinels, escorting the lagoons, is inevitable.

When the road reaches Ruidera, it is worth stopping to taste a quality red wine of the area and a portion of Manchego cheese. And by the way, buy a Cruz de Cruz bread made of wheat with a consistent crumb, one of those that do not soak easily. To continue with a good taste in the mouth.

The chorro de las minas, which joins the Tinaja lagoon with that of San Pedro, and which was excavated in the early twentieth century to prevent flooding of the engine room of the Rupérez power plant, is another of those places to discover. Opposite San Pedro, the ‘Hotel Albamanjón’, built into the rock and with a construction in the shape of a mill that houses the suite, is a peculiar place to spend the night.

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The mystery of why some lagoons are fuller and others emptier is due to the fact that they are fed by the 2,700 km2 Campo de Montiel aquifer and rainwater. This aquifer is divided into two substations, one more sensitive to drought and the other with the water necessary for the Batana, Colgada and del Rey lagoons to show their abundance.

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