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The first thing that surprises you when you arrive at the picturesque village of Valverde de los Arroyos is its color, black. It is a town that presents the so-called black architecture: Most of the houses, including the church, are built with wood and slate. These materials, which give it that peculiar color, are very abundant in the area.

We will follow the A2 road until we reach Guadalajara, where we will take the detour to Yunquera de Henares, Humanes and Tamajón. Approximately one kilometer after passing Tamajón, we will find the detour to Valverde de los Arroyos.

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Some locals regret that only tourism and aesthetics are being looked at, and that traditions are being lost. But maybe that blissful aesthetics has saved Valverde from disappearance, judging by the piles of abandoned villages that are emerging as we discover this fantastic natural area of great diversity.

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In the square of Valverde, straight from the mountain range, the water puts a hypnotic soundtrack through the fountain in this corner of peace. Next to it, at the foot of the dark tower of the church of San Ildefonso, the bowling lane that hosted competitions of the best bowlers in these valleys is preserved.

Stone and wood are the basis of the beauty of this square, but it would not be the same without its facades covered by vines and balconies full of geraniums. On this side of the Ocejón, the custom of building on two levels may be the key to why many consider it the most beautiful of the “black” villages.

In addition, on this eastern side, slate is only used for the roofs, while quartzite is used for the masonry, with reddish tones that shine when oxidized. The combination is fabulous.

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Cuando uno piensa en visitar los pueblos negros de Guadalajara, está obligado a elegir una de las dos rutas posibles. Circunstancialmente, me equivoqué al elegir la ruta. Sin embargo, fue un error alegre, ya que vi pueblos muy bonitos, y significa que la próxima vez que esté allí visitaré algo diferente.Tiene rincones realmente bonitos, los pueblos han sido restaurados, lo que les da un aire noble que sin duda da una idea de cómo eran antes. Han hecho un buen trabajo y recomiendo ir allí.

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Se nota que el nombre tiene sentido, Valverde de los Arroyos: desde cada calle del pueblo salen pequeños arroyos (artificiales) llamados “canales” para regar las huertas. Pero si te adentras en sus bosques y montes verás que también los hay artificiales pero también naturales.Hace años había mucha agua en la zona, la cascada ocupaba casi todo el muro de piedra, y había muchos pequeños arroyos y manantiales de agua que bajaban del monte. Antiguamente se llamaba Villaverde del Osejón, haciendo referencia a los osos que vivían en el monte Ocejón.


In addition to the hermitage, the Parish Church of Valverde stands out.  It dates from 1854 and its construction is due to two friars who sent from the Indies the money to build it. Over time it has undergone some necessary restoration to keep it standing.

Another of the most interesting elements of the artistic heritage of this town is the processional cross made of silver, from the 16th century. It is a work of plateresque style that consists of four identical arms and that in its base has a somewhat flattened apple.

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Enlivened with flowers and plants, the tasting of dishes in the suites overlooking the sky is a placid and wonderful experience. In addition, we can enjoy food of natural origin, as Concha has a great commitment to nature.

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