Via verde senda del oso asturias

Via verde senda del oso asturias

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On foot it will take us much longer. We must think about the return, so we will only face the kilometers that we can afford before returning on foot. It is also possible that someone will be waiting for us with the car at the end of the route.

On the route there are several companies that offer bike rentals, but if you prefer to have it already planned the agency S-cape Travel offers a 4-day getaway designed for families that includes the Senda del Oso by bike and a walking route through Somiedo with a guide. The package price includes accommodation with breakfast, bike rental and the service of an official guide in Somiedo.

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After riding several kilometers looking out to sea from the A8 highway, we enter the heart of the Bear Valley, passing from deep blue to green, which today is even greener after the rains of the past weeks and is even brighter today on this bright summer day. Our bicycles are waiting for us and will take us several kilometers along the beautiful Senda del Oso (Bear Trail).

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Its name is due to the number of bears in the wild that are concentrated in the area, known as the Valley of the Bear, although it is not easy to see them along the route, as they are found in the surrounding forests. Along the route, I was aware that brown bears could be moving or sleeping there, and I kept my eyes peeled for them, but it is difficult. There were people who had brought their professional equipment of binoculars and telescope and, loaded with patience, were waiting to see these bears that live in the wild.

The bears that can be seen are those that live in a bear enclosure, in Buyera, at kilometer 5. It is a fenced area of about four hectares that allows the bears “Paca” and “Molina” to live in semi-freedom. Although we do not like to see animals in captivity, we understand that these bears that were rescued have little choice but to live here because of the impossibility of reintroducing them into their environment.

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The Vía Verde de la Senda del Oso does not run along the route of an old railroad, but of two. The first one connected the mines of the Quirós valley with Trubia. This first branch of thirty kilometers was joined by another of ten kilometers that linked the mines of Teverga with Caranga de Abajo, forming a Y-shaped route. Both branches were closed in 1964.

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Approximately one kilometer after Caranga, the railway platform appears, protected by a wooden railing that does not abandon cyclists along the entire route. In Caranga the branch coming from Bárzana is linked.

This branch climbs through the increasingly narrow valley of the Trubia that ends up becoming the Valdemurio gorge. At the exit of this one you have to face a tough ramp of almost 400 meters that culminates in the Valdemurio reservoir.

In 2011 the Ministry of the Environment extended the greenway nine kilometers from Entrago to Cueva Huerta. As the original layout has disappeared in some sections, an alternative path with steep slopes has had to be enabled.


A visit to the bear enclosure where Paca and Tola live next to the greenway in the surroundings of Proaza, a walk through the secluded hamlets that are close to the route, or the possibility of enjoying one of the 3 bicycles adapted for people with disabilities is a must.

It is also possible to access from Access No. 4, located in the Buyera Recreational Area, next to the AS-228 road, which is next to the bear enclosure where Paca and Tola live, although to get to the Vía it will be necessary to overcome a steep ramp of 80 m from this access.

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It is also possible to access from Access nº 1 located at the fork between the Senda del Oso I and the Senda del Oso II, very close to Caranga de Abajo, but due to the unevenness of the access to the Vía from there, it is advisable to leave the vehicle in Proaza and walk the approximately 3 km of the Senda del Oso I between Proaza and the beginning of the Senda del Oso II.

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