Tortilla de patatas cocina con carmen

Tortilla de patatas cocina con carmen

Spanish omelette, long live the kitchen

Our first dilemma when we are faced with making a potato omelette is to decide if we are going to make it with onion or not. I personally like it much better with onion, but I know many cases that literally “hate” onion, so in case you are going to make tortilla de patatas for a varied group, it is better to ask, or, when in doubt, do without onion or use onion powder, because it is usually the texture and not the taste, what those who are onion-phobic do not like.

Here, as with onions, there is a lot of division of opinion. There are those who prefer a very juicy potato omelette, with the egg inside barely set, and those who prefer it more set. We are going to explain how to make it in each case:

In both options the step of the potatoes is the same, we remind you again that they must be very soft and almost candied in the oil. To make the omelette juicier on the inside it is important that, once mixed with the egg, you follow the following steps:

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Spanish potato omelette

To finish the omelette, heat a little oil in a frying pan and pour the mixture. Let the base set (we can stir a little so that the egg sets faster) before turning it over. To do this, place a plate over the pan, if we spread it with a little oil it will be easier to slide the omelet back into the pan, and flip it over.

Heat a little more oil in the pan and slide the tortilla on it. Let it brown on the bottom before removing. The point of curdling depends on the taste of each one so we do not indicate time of frying pan. We recommend waiting 20-30 minutes before serving to allow the omelette to set.

Potato omelet with cheese

The first thing we want to clarify is the purpose of this report. The hospitality industry is one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic, so the aim of the article is to encourage our readers to follow a route through the restaurants, bars and prepared food establishments that we will recommend below.

From the large number of suggestions we have received through social networks and mail (more than 200 messages) we have made a first filter. A team of editors and collaborators of tasted the 15 most voted tortillas of the municipality.

We could not miss the opportunity to try them, and their fame is justified. Here, unlike in the two previous cases, the egg gains prominence to the detriment of the potato. A delight worthy of trying. We will return to taste its wide range of flavors: with chorizo, black pudding, paisana (peppers), spinach and serrana.

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In one of the most fashionable restaurants in Las Rozas, La Paralela, we found another good potato omelette worth mentioning. Both the place and the presentation of the dish add points and are more reasons to appear in this ranking.

Tortilla ala española

A place where between 40 and 70 omelettes are served daily says more than any Tripadvisor review. Carmen faithfully follows the traditional Betanzos recipe where the type of potato, cut and egg count. She tells us that she is wary of the preparation of the omelette and that only she makes them “I already know how the egg is when it comes out and how I like to cook it”. You know, if you want something well done?

The secret? She confesses that, besides learning and respecting the tradition of the best, her omelette success has been based on trial and error. A base of trying, giving to try, commenting and correcting until reaching the point of perfection by which his tortillas are distinguished.

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