Manicura san sebastian de los reyes

Manicura san sebastian de los reyes

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Fast and effective, I did not have an appointment but they were able to assist me which is appreciated. Wide range of colors. I’m surprised that when doing the acrylic they don’t push the cuticles a bit…. I guess that’s where the value for money is. I recommend that you go with your cuticles already trimmed from home.

Lucky you for those of you who had a walk-in. In fact, as I had read I just called to confirm if it was necessary and they told me that without an appointment they do not attend. They gave me an appointment in a week, we were two people, maybe that has something to do with it, but I comment it so you can call in time.

It has been a great experience because they treated us very well, they put you in massage chairs while they do the pedicure, very careful, very detailed in the service. Very fast and very professional.

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Do you need to find a salon in San Sebastián de los Reyes with extensive experience in hair care and coloring? Peluqueria Unisex Art&Style is your place. From a touch up on your haircut to a completely new look or a hair treatment to improve the health of your hair. Many of them will surprise you for sure, such as thalassotherapy, a hair treatment based on marine elements such as algae or nanotherapy, a smoothing and moisturizing treatment that applies nanotechnology. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

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Welcome to Pradera Peluqueros, the integral beauty center in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid, that every beauty lover needs in his life. Their mission: to make you explode your attractiveness with their great body, facial and hair treatments. The stylists at Pradera Peluqueros are that complete: with the same grace they cut your hair “Baby Bang” style as with an immaculate mani pedi that brings tears to your eyes. The word conventional does not exist in their vocabulary, they only speak of trend, exclusivity, quality and professionalism. Adjectives that we take as true when they tell us that the prestigious Wella brand is their talisman and that their Elastic Keratin Gingseng hair treatment is the new boom in the market. There is a level here, and it shows. A simple visit to San Sebastián de los Reyes will turn you into a reference of modernity and style. Pradera Peluqueros is your center.

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We are a beauty salon in Valdebebas/las Cárcavas. We manage to adapt the advance in aesthetics without forgetting the traditional, our hands. We perform all kinds of services such as: – waxing or laser hair removal – manicu…

I am Macor, manager of beauty services at home. I have a team of professionals in most areas of this sector. Especially in Madrid, Barcelona, Santander, Alicante, Toledo…

Welcome to the Micropigmentation clinic in Madrid: Rocisa Belleza SL, a clinic where we offer you the best technical team of professionals in micropigmentation or permanent makeup. We have a wide range of…

Refuge of wellness where you can receive facial and body treatments while you perform energy balancing, to leave floating from each treatment. In addition you will be able to carry out sessions and workshops of personal development….

We are a styling company focused mainly on the bridal world in every way, skin preparation with facial and body services, hair preparation with hair treatments, in addition to cut and color and hair styling….

Manicura san sebastian de los reyes 2021

MANICURE and pedicure with deep cleaning. Freehand drawings. Traditional semi-permanent acrylic nail polish. Removal of dead skin, calluses, cuticle with lathe, exfoliation, salts, moisturizer, and a light MASSAGE. you can follow me on Instagram as Johanailsart_ to see my work..0 EUR

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MANICURE and pedicure with deep cleansing. Freehand drawings. traditional semi-permanent acrylic enamel. Removal of dead skin, calluses, cuticle with lathe, exfoliation, salts, moisturizer, and a light MASSAGE. you can follow me on Instagram as Johanailsart_ to see my work.0 EUR

Do you want to show off beautiful hands? Do not hesitate to contact me. New acid free and vitamin based polishes. Semi-permanent manicure 10€ Offer manicure + pedicure 17€ Ask without obligation. I move to home.3 EUR

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